Friday, October 28, 2011


yikes! so it's almost been a year since I've posted. maybe i'll start up again soon. But, I had a few random things I'd thought I'd post....
1. hymnals don't have pages, they have hymn numbers. This is purely the marilyn coming out in me but it never fails how much i hate hearing "our opening hymn is on page # 301"
2. i still find that a lot of folks have never realized that in most (if not all) cars, there is a small triangle next to the gas pump icon on your dashboard indicating which side of the car your gas tank is on. Even after owning my car for two years+, I still look at that arrow every time I pull into a gas station.
3. posessive vs. plural. Plural words DON'T need apostrophes. Apostrophes are used only in cases of contractions and posession. Ex: It is going to be a rainy day. It + is = It's going to be a raindy day. I could talk about the your and you're fiasco but i won't. Also, y'all is a contraction for you + all and the apostrophe belongs after the y, not after the a. There are a lot of other examples I could drone on about it but it's rather boring and whiny so I'll stop.
4. I've converted to become a Taco Time fan. Thank you Molly and thank you the Dunns. I've lived less than a mile from one for 5+ years and my first time there was earlier this year. I recommend the burrito bites or the cheddar melt w/enchilada sauce.
5. You can request a styrofoam cup for your large diet coke at McDonalds. It's the cup they usually give you if you order the sweet tea. All the Utah McDs serve their sodas (please note my proper use of their) in plastic cups, which I hated, because they sweat and get watered down too quickly. And since I like to nurse my beverages over a period of time, my d.c. now stays chilled and sweat-free.
6. I got my ipad today. white with a pink cover. i love it.
7. That is all.


Monique said...

I have learned so many important life tips from you! I love my iPad as well. It's fun to see a post from you. Maybe I should do the same...

Jenny N said...

this could be a good thing or a bad thing about Taco Time. I have one within a few blocks and never liked anything. I'll have to check out your suggestions.

Molly Hickcox said...

yay for taco time conversion. and yay for a new post!

Ysabelle said...

I'm glad that your having fun,I wish I could by an Ipad soon :D thanks for sharing

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