Thursday, November 4, 2010

earth to nancy

hello friends. you'd think i've fallen off the planet but alas, here i am! here is a quick update to the last few months.... photos to come later

1. went to kalamazoo, mi to spend time with matt's family. Go Broncos!
2. I left my job after six years. it was a great gig but i needed a change
3. took golf lessons with haylie and kim
4. turned 31 on august 6th
5. girls trip to Colter Bay (in the Tetons just outside of Jackson Hole)
6. speezy and aaron got married--included a rowdy bachelorette party in park city and a beautiful wedding downtown
7. i bought a jetblue all you can jet pass. i jetted to Disneyland, Seattle, D.C., New York and the Bahamas
8. I also managed to squeeze in Arkansas and Minneapolis
9. friends trip to Bear Lake. participated in the Bear Lake Monster #5
10. i got stuck in a parking garage elevator for an hour after a job interview
11. Halloween party-I was Lucy :)
12. Cougar football is REAL rough this year
13. Baylor football is bowl-bound AND in the top 25 which hasn't happened since '93 (Dad-wish you could see this!)
14. the first official snow was last week. We're still enjoying really nice fall weather but we got a glimpse of what is to come :(

there was also a lot of standard summer activities: i played on two softball teams, campfires in the canyon, plenty of pool time, john mayer at usana, drive-in movie, raging waters, lots of time with les and matt and little m (who is soon to be a big brother!), boating, hiking and LOTS of time with the gang....

Life has been pretty good...still trying to adjust to not having dad but we're doing okay. Job search is in full swing and I can't believe Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is just around the corner. 2011 will be here before we know it. I'll post some pics from all the haps in the next few days

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Jenny said...

can't wait to see pics from all your adventures.