Friday, May 7, 2010

i'm getting married!

ok--that's not true. it's laughable actually. However--many a folk think that I am and here's why....a prank war. My friends K and J have been in an ongoing prank war. His last move was an ad he posted on KSL saying she had General Conference tickets. She was bombarded with phone calls, texts, sob stories, etc.....well played J. So in return K created some wedding announcements. J and I just happen to have a pic together where we're dressed up. Carefeul plotting, planning and deception went into pulling this off. I can not share how I was able to gain access to his phone but it had to be done. Watch out J--your family, friends and singles ward (including the bishopric) all have announcements headed their way. We realize the level of retaliation that this invites, but it was too good not to do it. Team K all the way! and no. my middle name is not Patricia. cash gifts are acceptable-i already have a toaster.

the date is hidden under the ribbon--it's May 29th!

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Jenny said...

oh my gosh--that is extreme. love it!